How Martial Arts Supplement Your Other Physical Activities?


Practicing martial arts will enhance your capabilities in other physical activities too. This is why many sportsmen associated with football or some other game, and even some movie stars practice martial arts to boost performance in their respective fields. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you should practice martial arts too besides your other regular workout because martial arts will empower your body to follow fitness routine in a better way. For fitness, you can combine any of the following or all the exercises mentioned below with martial arts to experience some quick fitness results.

Martial arts supplement fitness exercises:


Sprints are key for cardio and explosiveness, mostly boxers choose long-running as a supplement exercise to boost up their energy level, To get the best results out of your fitness routine, sprint and boxing should be practiced in a combination.


Togain extra strength and power squats and deadlifts should be performed with martial arts. The mechanism of performing the aforementioned exercises is different but both of them build up strong posterior chains and tend to give you more power and strength. By performing both exercises with martial arts, you may build up stronger hips, and produce more power originating from your feet. This combination is considered the king of strength movements.


Again pull-ups and martial arts practice make you as strong as a bull. Repeating moves of martial arts will make your body like steel, which will enable you to do more pull-ups. As a result, you will get a toned body in a short time.


The kettlebell swing is a core training staple that can help to build total-body strength but you need a perfect form for best results otherwise you will get yourself injured. Moreover, this exercise can generate even better results if you practice it with your martial arts training.  Our lower and the upper region of the body is connected with hips, kettlebell swing strengthens your hip. In this workout, while punching, you deliver power efficiently through your hips.


You can improve your performance in a seld push by doing it with martial arts. In sled pushing, you push a sled along a turf or other flat surface either for time or distance which strengthens your cardiovascular system and your lower body. Sled push may require a certain type of equipment. It can be, along with martial arts training, used as part of a dynamic warm-up or for power training, as a finisher, or as part of a conditioning workout or circuit.


Nowadays, all martial arts trainers around the globe focus on current sports of the youth and then train children accordingly. Your child while competing in an obstacle race or participating in a 200m race will surely outrun his competitors if he is supplementing his athletic training with martial arts.

Every sport has some athleticism associated with it, whether you are preparing for a swimming competition or practicing for a football match, you need stamina, strength, motor skills, and quick reflexes which are the core strengths of martial arts. Martial art is a full-body workout and no matter which sports are you practicing, it has something to boost your performance.


In the age of  COVID 19, all the fitness enthusiasts are facing difficulties in continuing their fitness routines because most of the gyms are closed in all parts of the world. No matter which physical activity you are involved in, the COVID pandemic has affected you. Martial arts gyms are facing the same situation, if you wish to start this great workout you can find various ways to do it at your own home gym or garage. There are a myriad number of martial artists who are continuing their martial arts classes through online sources, you can join any one of them. If you want to avail yourself of free resources, youtube has full courses of all kinds of martial arts for you. You need a partner for your martial arts training, you can approach any member of your family for the aforementioned purpose. You can start this intense workout to support your other physical activity. What you need is some supreme quality shorts and gloves and start practicing your martial arts training.  

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