Why Is Martial Art The Ultimate Form Of Workout?


Martial arts is actually defined as a tradition of combat, practiced for a number of reasons like for self-defense, military, law enforcement application, physical, mental and spiritual, entertainment, and the preservation of the nation’s cultural heritage. Besides these perks, martial arts has also gained popularity because of its fitness-related benefits. Many people find the traditional workouts boring and these workouts also shape your body at a snail’s pace. On the other hand, martial arts enhances your muscle mass briskly. Additionally, you will never lose interest in your workout when you are gaining fitness through martial arts practice. In this article, we will elucidate some types of martial arts, why it is better than other fitness exercises, and how to continue your martial arts practice in the time of the corona pandemic.


There are scores of martial arts but we will discuss some most famous ones here


Karate is one of the oldest styles of martial arts that originated in Japan. In karate practice, you use your upper body as well as the lower body which tones the muscles of your whole body.


This martial art started from Brazile but now, it is one of the most famous martial art. In this style, you use chokes, locks, and leverage to defeat a bigger and stronger person. This style focuses on techniques rather than punch power. BJJ helps you to improve your functional fitness. If you wish to start this martial art, buy yourself BJJ shorts and rash guards before signing up for a BJJ class.

Kung fu:

It is a Chinese martial art that is a form of exercise having a spiritual dimension. Kung fu employs great muscular coordination and is considered a great way to enhance your muscle strength and body shape.

Tae Kwon Do:

Taekwondo is one of the widely practiced martial arts which has its origin in Korea. The literal meaning of Taekwondo is a way of using feet and fists. It emphasizes on delivery of head-height kicks which make a practitioner highly flexible and agile.

Why is it considered the best form of workout?

There are many fitness-related benefits of martial art, we are just naming a few of them.

Enabling you to burn calories more quickly:

The main goal of all workouts is to burn extra calories of your body and no other workout could complement martial arts in this race. It has been scientifically proven that martial arts melt away fat more effectively than any other workout. The training of martial arts is very intense, so, practicing it for an hour on a daily basis will shed unwanted fats and extra calories you intake through your daily diet.


Practicing martial arts involve the repetition of fierce movements. This is why all martial art fighters have a toned body. Practicing this workout will strengthen your muscles and shape your body better than other workouts do because martial arts is an effective full-body workout that involves every muscle during its training.

Enhances your flexibility and agility:

Although other workouts like yoga enhance your flexibility, however, agility is not what you associate with yoga. Contrarily, martial arts have a great tendency to make you agile and flexible at the same time. Practicing martial arts improve your reflexes and mind-body coordination. 

Improves your mental health:

Besides ameliorating your physical health, martial arts has a great capability of improving your mental and emotional health. You will earn self-confidence, overcome your stress, anxiety, and depression with the fitness routine of martial arts.


In this difficult time of COVID 19, some of the martial artists have given up sports and some are battling a fight with the covid19 pandemic. As gym doors are closed nowadays there are several inventive ways by which you can work out at home easily during this critical time.


For workout at home, you need to have proper space at home, that could be at the house garage, outside if weather permits or at-home gym. Having the required space at home to naturally flow within a shadow boxing can give you the confidence that you need to have in order to pull off fighting combos.


Many fitness and martial arts instructors are offering online classes. Some of these classes are paid while others are unpaid. You can join any one of these classes and follow their routine to continue your martial arts workout even these days.


Youtube and many other such websites offer videos that could instruct you during your website. Youtube even contains full courses that you can avail of for free.

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